My favorite books

This section contains a list of the books I loved!

This book is a must-read especially for young women out there. You have the right to choose whatever protection method you want but the knowledge of what happens to your brain on contraceptives is very important. This book has helped me understand myself. The language is not very technical and it feels like we are in a conversation with Dr. Hill, the author.

I picked up this book in a random book shop by simply looking at the cover page. The woman on the cover, who by the way is the Kiwi prime minister, in this bright red colored tee and bright red colored lipstick. The cover page itself was empowering, and I haven’t even started reading the book yet. I thought this woman definitely deserves some of my time.

Let me tell you this upfront, this book is not just about Jacinda, it is about women, NZ politics, the long lost history of the Maori, the forgotten pact, unconventional husbands, juggling mothers and so much more. Michelle, the author, takes you on this wonderful ride of feminism with Jacinda as the means, which I must say was the aptest person for this. I learned so much through this book but most importantly, the definition of Feminism.

This book is an excellent fiction read. George Eliot is a pen name for Mary Ann Evans. Her books are based in Victorian England. This one revolves around a few characters in Middlemarch. When you read this book, you will find that you can almost find each character aligning with someone you know in your life.

This is another outstanding fiction book by Mary Ann Evans. There are two protagonists, one is the kind, humble, and caring person after whom the book is named and the other is a beautiful woman who is knee-deep in self-admiration. This book is their separate yet intertwined quest for understanding self.

This is a series of thirteen books, not very thick though. There is even a Netflix series on it now. I would not recommend this for kids although the main protagonists are three kids one of which is a baby more or less. As you would have already guessed, it is a series of unfortunate events that happen to these three kids after their parents are killed in a fire. They are super-rich and there is someone hellbent to get their money. These kids were an inspiration to me, and it was amazing to read evil portrayed in a humorous fashion.

If you are into science fiction, then you must have already read this one. If you haven’t already read it, I would suggest, don’t waste any more time. This book has science and chemicals, optics and invisibility, power and terror, and whatnot. This book is not very thick and I can assure you, you will not leave it till finished.

Another Science Fiction must-read. Martians have invaded the earth and terrorized the inhabitants. This book, hopefully, is not a sneak peek into our future. This book is dark and harsh, but there is something very optimistic in it implicitly hidden in the text: Humans and humanity always find a way to survive.

Another of H. G. Wells’s masterpiece. This book in addition to being about time travel science fiction also talks about what makes humans succeed. In the end, we are what challenges we have faced and how we have responded to them. We need our life to have hiccups because, without them, we will never test and improve our capabilities. There is one more thing that this book highlights – no one should have a monopoly over one thing. You will understand what I mean when you read this book.

This is the book that made me fell in love with reading. It also made me a fan of Jules Verne, and I have read almost all of his books. I must add that none of his books has ever disappointed me. This one takes us through a journey, well as the name suggests, around the world starting and ending in London via India, Japan, and the US. The protagonist is a stoic British gentleman, who takes on a wager to complete this journey in 80 days. This book is so filled with adventure and in the end, I promise you, you will be rooting for him to win this wager. With so many ups and downs, delays and unexpected events (one of which involves by the way saving a woman from commiting sati), this book will make you sad for every hour lost and happy for every second won.