Cooking with fun

For a long time, I have hated cooking. I realized it was because I was supposed to cook. Then I started cooking dishes that I am not expected to cook and…I love it! Below you can find some really easy dished along with the recipe/ chef I followed.

The great Indian Khaman

Get the MTR ready to make kit


Dumplings/ Momos

Aloo Tikki (Home Style)

Lightly fry a mixture of boiled potatoes, cornflour, and spices as you like.

Besan Ladoo

I remember one of my neighbor’s daughters would give me one of these every Wednesday when I was a kid. This one is close to the heart. Roast some chickpea flour in ghee for a while till the aroma and color picks up, let it cool, then add sugar and you are done. Recipe:(

Doodh Peda (Milk Fudge)

Only condensed milk + milk powder + ghee and you are done.

Khopra Paak (Coconut Fudge)

By far the easiest recipe I have encountered: Desiccated coconut +condensed milk. Recipe:(


My very first Jalebi !!!! Apparently, there is always an easy way to make it. It took me 30 minutes cradle to grave. Three steps: Batter (flour+water+eno), Sugar syrup (sugar+water+saffron+cardamom powder), fried in ghee. The recipe I followed:

Shahi Toast

Sugar syrup dipped fried slices of bread

Khaman from scratch

Khaman from scratch. Recipe used: