About me

Hi, I am Sukriti. I have a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. I did my undergraduate in Materials Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in India. Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Arkansas working in the group of Prof. Laurent Bellaiche. Check out my research page to see what fun science I am investigating right now. You can also check out my research papers.

Having studied Materials Science since 2011, I have picked up a thing or two. Check out my videos on this. If you have a question about a particular concept, post it and I promise you I will read as many books as I can or bother as many materials science savants as I need, to answer it asap.

As a child, I used to hate reading books. But as I grew up, I realized the importance of books. Fiction takes you away from this world and non-fiction gives you the knowledge to understand this world better. I also dabble a little with fiction and non-fiction writing. Check out some of my titles on Amazon.

I hate banal everyday cooking probably because I am supposed to do it. Honestly, I dont know how our mums do it. I love baking, specially the sweet dishes. But my ultimate life ambition is to learn every Indian sweet. I am a fan of messing up in the kitchen and there is not one dish that I have conquered successfully in the first go.