About me

Hi, I am Sukriti. I have a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. I did my undergraduate in Materials Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in India. Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Arkansas working in the group of Prof. Laurent Bellaiche. Check out my research page to see what fun science I am investigating right now. You can also check out my research papers.

Having studied Materials Science since 2011, I have picked up a thing or two. Check out my videos on this. If you have a question about a particular concept, post it and I promise you I will read as many books as I can or bother as many materials science savants as I need, to answer it asap.

As a child, I used to hate reading books. But as I grew up, I realized the importance of books. Fiction takes you away from this world and non-fiction gives you the knowledge to understand this world better. I also dabble a little with fiction and non-fiction writing. Check out some of my titles on Amazon.

I hate banal everyday cooking probably because I am supposed to do it. Honestly, I dont know how our mums do it. I love baking, specially the sweet dishes. But my ultimate life ambition is to learn every Indian sweet. I am a fan of messing up in the kitchen and there is not one dish that I have conquered successfully in the first go.

My expertise : materials physics and chemistry. I enjoy relating materials properties across length scales and tweaking with the chemistry to create something new. My methods include analytical thinking, using already developed (VASP) and developing computational methods/codes (Effective Hamiltonians, solving problems over length scales via coding equations), computer languages like FORTRAN, Python, C++, visualization softwares like IGOR PRO. My past and current work has been in multiferroics like Bismuth Ferrite as well as in photvolatics like inorganic lead halides. Studing materials for benefits of the future generation is my life goal.